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15.10.2007: RedirectFilter 2.0 is out. Sorry for breaking compatibility, I had to. There are things in my com.zlatkovic namespace the public never gets to see and I must somehow maintain order. In doing so I most certainly messed up someone else's day. Do forgive me :)
12.11.2005: Yip! the Wiesn 2005 photos are online, for all to see what sort of action happens when the bewildered colleagues strain to get drunk and danced upon :) See here for details :)
10.10.2005: The mother fate means it well with a lazy sod such as I. :) Today is the first day in the new project at work, now I shall be programming active steering for BMW's upcoming 7, 6 and 5 series. What I always wanted to do has come to me and wished itself done. Yip!
4.4.2005: And again we have a new release of HttpRedirectFilter. It seems it really is being used out there. The new version 1.2 implements extended URL matching and thus allows passing request parameters on to the target. For more info see HttpRedirectFilter page.
8.3.2005: HttpRedirectFilter version 1.1 has been released. It awaits your attention here. This version introduces an interesting feature, namely a redirect rule can now depend on the client's address. This way you can have different rules for different clients. Info about installation and configuration is on the HttpRedirectFilter page.
1.1.2005: Happy new year, everyone. Being new in this city, knowing only a few and having those few leave the town with their mates, this is the first New Year's Eve I celebrated alone. If you can help it, see that you escape that experience. You won't like it.
18.10.2004: Like a serpent from an orchid forest you are. Your beauty high, to be mistaken for a spring flower; your bite lethal, like an ancient warrior's blade. Hold me tight and see me die in your arms, reaching for freedom I never had. Set me free and I'll be your one, gathering your tears and hiding them away.
25.9.2004: Worlds change. Destiny drives us her way. Within days, the life has changed its course for me and I found myself eager to follow. On one day, in the middle of the boredom, I was offered an interesting position. A week later, I moved to Munich to take it. Now here I am, living in Munich, where I know noone. A clean, new start. Just the way I like it. I feel like reborn, just like I felt before, when the life opened a new chapter, almost closing the previous. I guess I need a change from time to time and I cheer for the life, which always brings them.
2.5.2004: Happy birthday, my love. The distance between us brings sadness to my heart on a day such as this. Think what you may, I do cheer your joy and I cry your pain, never ending, for you scored a part of me I never believed I can let be taken. Hearts can be far and far you are. Far for all save for the dream... and dream I do.
20.4.2004: The site receives a facelift today. This happens every now and then, so it represents nothing special by itself. But the fact that it now runs on Apache Tomcat is something new. Since I presently involve myself in the servlet world anyway, I thought to go for it down to its core and... the time will end the story.
13.3.2004: This day marks three decades of my existence. Yesterday I wrote my age with a '2' up front, today I don't. Imagine, I have plagued the world with my being for thirty years! And I am not about to stop :-).
1.3.2004: For the first time in my life, I have set my feet onto the Queen's soil. Under the guidance of my beloved, I learned the dusky streets, cheering pubs and insane prices of the British capitol. Guess what. I liked it! Working forward to go there for a longer time, I suddenly feel the need for a change of the environment.
1.1.2004: Happy New Year. Is there more I can say to it? Happy New Year!
20.10.2003: Wow. The croatian ministry of inner affairs has ruled that I am not a croatian citizen anymore, thus finally fulfilling my request from early 2001. They needed more than 30 months. Amazing. An identical request to the equal bosnian ministry was fulfilled within three weeks. Not that it had anything to do with the bosnian side having costed more than twice as much. At least it is over now and I can finally claim german citizenship :-)
6.10.2003: They accepted me at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt today. Now that makes me happy. No more mess with the one in Frankfurt and that was a mess. I could debate until the morning about why it was a mess, but some things are better forgotten. :-) A new age has begun, let's see what it will bring me.
3.7.2003: The Dresdner days are now over, why now, I just got used to it... These months were quite similar to the WestLB ones in Tokyo. I realise, I actually like banks. There are females in the office, quite contrary to all those software companies. :-)
2.4.2003: The first day of my internship at the Dresdner Bank this was. Huge building, walking ties, non-functional computers... but a whole lot of beer in the evening at Volkswirt. I could get used to this.
5.1.2003: Happy new year! Red Night is over, and it was beyond every expectation. Why mummle? Take a look for yourself.
4.12.2002: Well, the time has come. Red Night Party starts in few hours and we'll do our best to make it better than the last. As long each party gets better than the last, the life remains worth living :-)
4.12.2002: ...but now I made it up, eh? Did a complete site redesign because I was tired of flames I got abut the font size in the old one. When the work was done, I had to realise that Internet Explorer does not fancy PNG images in RGBA mode. To see it as it is, the browser used by 90% of the visitors cannot display images on this site properly. What a mess.
You think that is nasty? Well, that was the good news. Tomorrow morning at 5:30 I must pick up Mom at the station and attend her for few days. That means, umm..., few more chapters from the Bible are coming into my ears along with an endless discussion about why is Jesus so late, where he said he will come after two thousand years. I hope Mom will bring the Sliwowitz as she promised :-)
15.5.2002: Huh? Sorry, I forgot about this site :-) I knew there was a place where I usually reported my doings... whatever, now this site is being generated automatically from XML source, so I get to test the software I am maintaining since last summer.
5.12.2001: Heh, another party has passed, but the memory remains :-)
Photos could have been better, but Putzie insisted on obscuring the image quality by placing his fat-spolied fingerprint on the lens. Here is the happening.
25.11.2001: Petya visited me this weekend! The first time our eyes met was the moment I picked her up at the station. We knew no more than typed words from each other before the moment she came. Blind dates are everydays practice in Japan, but in Europe, it can cost a life if you seek out the wrong bastard. The girl is brave.
Lady Petya, I admire your courage and I shall spend my last breath thanking you for the wonderful weekend you gave me :-)
17.6.2001: Frankfurt slowly turns into a boring place and if I tell you that it is boring to live in a boring place, then I utilitise a mighty logic which you cannot deny.
Hearken to me! Hearken to me! Those of you who see fun in a Saturday night which begins with snooker and ends in The Cave, drop me a note and then turn off your computer! I somehow failed to meet you!
24.5.2001: And still little happens. One party or another, which is good, but not much more.
19.4.2001: If you think little happens here at the time, you are right.
8.1.2001: The new year's eve party is over. Now we have the 21st century without any doubts. Now, that my head does not hurt anymore, a courtesy of aspirine, I found time to publish the party event for every man to see. Ladies, Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the Robin Van Baak's New Year's Party.
15.12.2000: It fills the heart of the warrior with joy, to notice that upload problems to this web server have vanished! The upcoming event fills the same heart with even more joy! The new year is coming on the timeline and shall let noone stop it, that's clear. We must, as we do each year, make the day hard to forget by any attendee.
On wednesday we had a test party, which was held in order to see if we can fulfill the requirements, say, prepare food in acceptable time and drink what has been brought to the table. I took it on me to use a dagger and cut an almost living fish down to pieces usable by those who think themselves able to prepare a decent sushi. Well, it took me about two hours, the damn fish, and attendees poured alcohol into their throats while waiting for the food. I don't really need to describe how they received all that ale on empty stomach, eh?
4.10.2000: My most loved Lady spends the rest of the week in the New World and I am bowing deep under the heavy burden of duties that are coming upon me. New projects come to seek for coding and the university requires a certain degree of attention as well. All that didn't stop me from reexpiriencing a yakitori session right here on my balcony, proving again that I am warm (hot?) blooded and can handle 14 degrees without showing symptoms of freezing. At some point I decided to open my address book which wasn't used for more than half a year and see who is still available under the same number. Those who were available had to endure a mummle-something-about-nothing-conversation for a while, gel Felix? Those who weren't available anymore sounded like: "Hallo, wer ist da?"
"Huh... hier ist Igor."
...followed by an immediate hangup.
I then did an Edit..Delete without hesitation and the address book got smaller. No, I don't understand what's going on here.
1.10.2000: I hate european gasoline prices. I hate Netscape. I hate my stinky shoes as much as I hate my inability to fall asleep before 2 AM. I have no love for my broken telephone and I don't like the mess on my table. I am not fond of coffee and McDonalds junk crap does not make me happy either. What's wrong? I don't know, I just take it as it comes.
7.9.2000: Not that I have something interresting to say on this gloomy day, I am just keeping up with the update cycle, hehe.
5.9.2000: My Lord Markus of the Spann had found the damn laptop! Yea! My Lord, I am in your debt for life, as long as I can breathe. All People of the Rising Sun, may your Gods give you a long life in wealth and honour, for I know that computer would just simply change the owner had I lost it in Europe.
2.9.2000: The first day on the European soil, home, in the arms of the one I love. Oohhh. On the very evening my German bunch had proven their party abilities to be at least as good as of those under the rising sun. Family and friends organized a welcome party, without telling me a thing, and the party boomed far into the night. Is german beer really stronger than japanese, or did I loose some ability to receive it during the flight? This time, my hands held Warsteiner flag high for at least a day after.
1.9.2000: Right after leaving the appartment early in the morning, I saw no way how can I get that 42kg suitcase and those two handbags to the Imperial Hotel in time. After leaving the subway, I felt easier. How could I feel easier if the baggage still had the same weight? No, I wasn't granted additional strength by some merciful god. No, the gravity constant didn't change either. The truth is, I, the moron, managed to forget the bag with my laptop in the subway. There was no other choice but to say bye to the computer and sing a farewell to the software made during six months of hard work. But, who cares? Photos are still there and the wonderful time spent in Tokyo shall never be forgotten (at least not in the subway).
31.8.2000: Sayonara Japan. Fare you well, young bunch, I love you all and I shall miss each and every one of you. I can never thank the destiny enough for having crossed our ways, for you gave me something wonderful and I shall guard it within my heart as long it beats. Many days after I return home shall I sit on my window and watch the sunrise with tears in my eyes, but the memory of days with you shall live forever and shall bring a smile onto my lips every time recalled.
27.8.2000: We came into The Beer Garden wearing traditional japanese robes, ear-to-ear grins on our faces. The tavernkeeper offered us unlimited drinks and food at the fixed price and not a full hour later he wished he hadn't. Our group had shown an unseen performance and had drained near sixty litres of beer and swallowed almost fourteen kilograms of meat, fish and vegetables. On the next morning, my itching skin whitnessed what for a whore I was. Every mosquito in town took me. Each and every insectoid parasite found time and place to stick his engine into me. I can imagine half of them died right away, the other half felt like a rolling ball, for I didn't feel a thing and that can only mean that my blood contained more alcohol than anything else. When it comes to documenting events like this glorious party, my Lord of the Sherrard is an unmatched talent of all times and you shall miss the whole world if you don't check it out.
25.8.2000: The mighty beast from deep within Paulie's belly had spoken! It gathered power from double margharitas, numberless tequilla shots and random combinations of burritos, nachos and enchiladas for hours until it suddenly decided to throw it all out where it came from. Paulie's face was red, his eyes open wide in vain and he let his groan be heard, followed by a stream of dark-yellow substance penetrating through his mouth and splashing onto the ground. No, he wasn't within the toilette. He was not in a dark side street, nor he was on a deserted parking place, far away from any curious eyes. He was right in the middle of a good lit Freshness Burger restaurant, surrounded by many guests who were either eating or ordering something. We managed to drag him outside before the cook came to take his life, but his horror was far from its end. On his way home, he decorated the interior of the taxi vehicle in a similar fashion, not even the driver was spared.
24.8.2000: We went to The Beer Garden. We just wanted to go make a reservation for Sunday in person, for noone knew the address or the telephone number of the place. I came first and took a table for three, Paulie, Virna and me. We wanted just one beer each, just one beer...
Half an hour later a bunch of nine people was sitting at the table for three, drinking, barbecuing, singing. On the morning after, I was still unable to stand upright while peeing and my mouth smelled as if someone had poured the rests from the table into it and left them there for a week. Just one beer...
There is a sad love story to it too. Paulie got dumped for the second time within a month's time and Gods know noone can stand that undamaged.
19.8.2000: Fourteen hours of rocking. Mark, Leo, Paulie and me decided to spend a men-only night, for they have been dumped by their girlfriends one way or another. First promiles came in the afternoon, while playing pool in Shibuya. Mark sent ball after ball into the pockets masterfully, not missing a chance to emphasize that women suck and the only thing worth his attention tonight would be a mug of beer. As soon as we entered Tengu for a dinner, it was his voice saying: "Let us sit over there near those girlies."
"I thought the foamy tankard would be the only thing for you tonight?"
"Yes, and if they are to offer me one, I must get closer and help it a bit, not true?"

After numberless hours of dancing in Gaspanic, the ballance for the boys were kisses and email addresses, while I earned myself an american soldier's wrath for knocking his beer out from his hands while dancing with who he thought was his girlfriend. You can see the details of the night here.
16.8.2000: Our mightiest noble, my Lord of the Sherrard, had finally shown a slight change in his art towards the opposite sex, subject to few months spent on the soil of the Rising Sun. Until now, he used to hold an invisible tamburine in one hand and spank it swingfully with another, saying "Whoz ya daddy?". This evening he held an invisible tamburine in one hand and spanked it swingfully with another, saying "O chichi, dare?". Having seen the expressions on the female faces after hearing that now and before, I am led to believe that the old version was receiving a broader acceptance, hehe.
12.8.2000: The day begun celebrating Virna's birthday and ended as it only could, having started the way it did. It turned into the next day within one of Roppongi's latin dance clubs, where we enjoyed mocking innocent girls while earning us a sore foot or another dancing to the DJ's tune. The mood was great after having spent the afternon on the Odaiba beach, watching the world's largest fireworks, giggling to the sound of ooooohs and aaaaahs which people produced after each explosion and filling ourselves up with beer. My Lord of the Sherrard documented the whole day in word and picture far better than any other could, so I would take a look.
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